• Image of 78704 South Austin Poster

If you are interested in understanding why Austin has a reputation so completely contradictory to the state where it serves as the capitol, just spend a day exploring 78704. The 78704 zip code, also known as South Austin, holds a special place in the city's history and is home to some of its most popular destinations.

The quirky, hip, open-minded and charmingly weird image that has made Austin such an appealing place to visit and live owes credit, in no small part, to this eclectic and historic area situated just South of Lady Bird Lake (i.e. Colorado River), on the heights overlooking downtown and the capitol just across the water.

South Austin is the home of SFT and we continue to be charmed by its creative expression, disdain for the chains, free spirited attitude and intimate nature of the neighborhoods within, despite being less than 2 miles from the bustle of downtown. It is truly a complex blend, equal parts preservation and progression and we love it.

That love and community pride inspired the design of the 78704 map and we hope, in a small way, the uniquely Austin personality is captured in this piece.

Dimensions: 24" W x 18" H